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Christmas Picture Post...

Heyo! These aren't the world's best pictures, but I know some of you might want to see pictures of the kids' Christmas this year. There's also some camera comparison photos at the end of it. But mainly it's...

Firstly, in our Cat Stocking, Santa left the kids a couple of iridescent mice....

Later, there was a bag of treats...

...and some Fuzz Bugs.

"I don't get what you two are up to, but it's interesting to watch..."

The cats also received little velveteen collars with jingle bells on them. Hunley was Not Pleased, but Max took it a little better.

Later, Wanda got to check out her presents...

"Why am I standing on a mini-corm?"

The next picture will take some time to work out. It's Wanda washing in her cage. You need to figure out where all the mouse bits are, but once you do it's a great picture. Her little head is upside down as she's washing her hands.

The cats also got some toy mice. Max LIKES toy mice.

No, really.


The rest of the pictures are comparison pictures. Someone you know got a new camera for Christmas. Now check this photo out. Which one is better?

Well, let's try doing a standard highlight/shadow adjustment from photoshop on these.

A lot of people say "It isn't the camera, it's the photographer. A good photographer can get a good picture from any camera." Well, that sort of pisses me off, because a good photographer can get a good shot from any camera that has manual settings. If you have just a few standard settings on a point and shoot and a small light gathering capability, it's a lot more difficult. The old camera, the one on the left, has very little light gathering capability and high noise problems.

To further emphasize this, lets zoom in on a darker part of the photo, such as the leg and carpet in that shot above. I didn't edit this at all except to show the original photo and run a highlight/shadow adjustment on it in photoshop, once again at the default level.

See all the noise on the left side? THAT'S WHAT I'VE BEEN BITCHING ABOUT FOR THE LAST SEVERAL YEARS! See? I wasn't crazy!

Now I wanna go out and retake all the photos I've taken in the last few years. I'm SO glad I got this while I still have Maxie, because he's SO hard to take a good picture of. Scroll up and look at all the noise in his pictures (and this is AFTER I've photoshopped them 0_o)

Also, I now have 5 optical zoom instead of 3 optical zoom ^_^ Thanks, Martin!!

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