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Picture Post: Manhattan Beach

Last Sunday a friend of ours from out of town, obadiah, was in town for Gallifrey. Another friend who we hadn't seen in ages, although usually in town, was also attending Gallifrey, kippurbird. So thudpucker and I swung by the Marriott and dragged them both off to The Kettle in Manhattan Beach for lunch. Afterwards, we bummed around the pier a while before returning them to the Planet from Whence They Came.

Firstly, Thudpucker (Martin), Obadiah (Cliff) and Kippurbird (Gabby) outside the kettle...

On the pier...

"What anti-bird spike? I don't see an anti-bird spike..."


The waves that day.

"...He's...he's right behind me, isn't he?"


Group Shot.

"Yep, it's impacted, look like it's going to have to come out..."

Not the sort of sign you expect to come across...

...and some birds.

As usual, comments gleefully welcomed.

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