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24 March 2013 @ 08:51 am
Would you like to support malware?  

This morning I found malware on my phone leading me to buy Once Upon a Wine brand wine. I tracked down who makes it, and the company is Diageo, run by Diageo Inc. in England. I decided to let my friends know the main brands so you can stop supporting malware if you like. (I realize some of my friends are very loyal to these brands...)

Click here to see the brands they have, so you can stop paying for malware to be installed on people's phones.

...and more brands.

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postrophe on March 25th, 2013 05:12 am (UTC)
...aack! Bailey's! Guinness! Bushmill's! ...and Sterling Vinyards! (They're the ones with the aerial tram ride in Napa!)

Edited at 2013-03-25 05:13 am (UTC)