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Day 5: Arecibo! Sort of...

Okay, above title is confusing. When most people think of Arecibo, they think of that great big ol' dish in the ground. It was decided that what with the drive there and back, and San Juan the next day, that the extra time TO the dish was not WORTH the dish. I HAD promised the girls I would buy them food at Salitre, though. So... the REST of Arecibo.

I still can't believe you guys voted to have more pics on these pages a while back. Look what you made me do! Thirty-six!

We didn't want to be there too late, but we didn't want BREAKFAST either, so we showed the girls around the wacky little lighthouse park they have in Arecibo, first.

For those of you who are newer here, and missed my last little trip to Isla Encanta, this place is filled with lots of plaster people and aquarium fish, in an attempt to be historical and educational, and it mainly comes across... earnest. The lighthouse is gorgeous, though.

A big, scary pirate ship!

We never actually trekked up to the lighthouse. There's pretty much nothing up that hill except a lighthouse you can climb, and a "museum" of about 12 things sitting on the floor that are vaguely lighthouse related. It's photogenic, though!

On the other hand, the water here is GORGEOUS. Do you remember the shots of the beach where I giggled like a maniac? This is the lighthouse in the distance. The beach is over behind those rocks behind Susan in this shot.

That's the view.

Look at that splash!


Art shot. Pavilion on the viewing platform with the perfect sky behind.

We then entered the pirate caves, because they were cooler and had aquariums inside. Here is one of the educationally earnest pirates.

Gold! Valuables! MWAHAHahahahah!

Next are a lot of fish pictures. I like taking shots in aquariums. I really like it. There's only one problem, though.

Fish are notorious photo-bombers.

"Can I be in the shot? Can I? I pose real well!!"

The photo-bombing category also includes sharks.

There! That's a little better!

"Let me dance for you the dance of mah peeple!"

"Can I PLEASE be in some shots? I pose real well!!"

Me: Well, okay, I guess...

"Look!! Headshot! I'm an actor!"

"How about over here? I look good HERE, don't I?"

Oh, no! While I was busy taking fish shots, Susan got bit by a shark!!

In all honestly, words cannot describe how much I love that picture of Susan. It's just perfect.

Here's a little more sedate shot, though. Heather and Susan.


That's a moray!

Yes, I make this joke every time I take a moray eel shot. Expect it in the future as well.

A fish! Of some sort!

"Can I be in a shot?"

Me: Well, only because you asked SO nicely.

A more colorful fish!

Okay, no more unidentified fish, I promise.

Susan, enjoying the wares in the gift shop. (Of COURSE there's a gift shop!)

It was getting lunchier, so off to Salitre. I'm a little sad we didn't go after dark at any point, because Bats, but it was hours from BOTH of the cities we stayed in.

The cannon at Salitre! Notice the dappled sunlight and the perfect lighting!

Here's a panorama of the patio...

What's that on the horizon? Is that a storm coming in?

Hermie checks out my passion fruit mojito.

I also tried out an Atlantic Sunset (Midori, Don Q, passion fruit and strawberry)

Front is Caribbean mash followed by cheese croquettes, in the back is Martin's asopao. You seriously expect a day in the Caribbean without food porn?

Front left is the coconut shrimp, on the right are shrimp and crab cakes. (I said I didn't like fish, I actually enjoy SHELLfish...)

Remember how I mentioned that storm coming in?

Yup. It rained. It rained like whoah. Like gangbusters... on... a gang. POURED down. It was honestly impressive as heck to me. I loved it. I was sad for the Canadians at the table, who get plenty of that at home, but I get almost NONE of the really GOOD rain and was inwardly giddy.

We also had a famous retired wrestler at the table next to us (no idea who), which reduced our service a little because of the Fawning Rays, but it was still a pleasant lunch.

Art shot.

On the bright side, when we got home, we were greeted by this.

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