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Surprise! Another picture post! Canoga Park Dia de los Muertos

Sunday our city had its annual Day of the Dead festival/car show. I went! I got pictures!

We started out in the gallery instead of the big loud festival. They had several homage paintings to famous artists. Most were cute but pedestrian. This one wowed us, though. I looked up the artist, and she's 11 or so 0_o

They had a huge table area covered with a big city of skeleton people. Here's the carnival, with its merry-go-round, ferris wheel, roller coaster and swings. In front are people queuing up for the roller coaster.

It's a pretty extreme roller coaster.

The merry-go-round, with its rainbow hologram center. I love the guy on the right holding onto the pole. He looks so pleased.

Happy butterfly person!

There was a huge church set up at the end of the plaza, with cemeteries on both sides.

A wedding inside the church.

I love this happy pet on a balcony. "Hello! I has balcony!! Fweeeeeeee...."

Meanwhile, there's a fiesta in the plaza.

There were shops and such set up all around, like a chocolate superstore stall and several Mexican restaurants. Here's what looks like a fruit seller, selling something green to the world biggest Fruit Fan.

"I have a green fruit! It's always been my biggest ambition to own a green fruit! I can not be happier!!"

A pretty lady sitting by the sign for a Mexican restaurant.

A display near the cityscape.

Let's go out and see what's going on in the festival!

"Come and play with usssssss." o_0

Not at ALL creepy.

Display in a stall.

There were MANY pretty ladies all dressed up with the traditional makeup.

Here's another. I think there were 5-6 different stalls doing face painting, from a free area to expensive setups where you could get jeweled.

Another stall display.

Purse dog is ever vigilant.

An awesome hood ornament in the car show area.

We ran into our friend Monica in the car show area. She looks like she's having a pretty nice day!

Monica/Richard hug. Awwwww ^____^

Someone actually has this license plate. I think that's pretty awesome. It also tells you the direction most of the cars in the show leaned.

There was a car painted like this. This is a closeup. It's got rainbow glitter ALL OVER IT. And the good stuff, not the hologram glitter, but the iridescent. Look at this. LOOK AT THEEES. I want my car like this. I would totally drive my car with iridescent glitter all over.

Retro window display.

Another fantastic hood ornament.

.....aaaaand the pimpmobile. Look at this thing. It has a POLE by the mirror ball, as well as a liquor dispenser. I am thinking this man must have a serious thing for midgets, because I can think of no other reason for that pole. Dig the front of this thing, though. Look at all those switches! I'd love to know what they do.

The man covered his steering wheel with purple plush. Lord.

I don't even. But it's amusing how distrustful this guy is to the dude on his back.

I got several shots of the people and the art in the chalk area, but this one was just such a lovely shot...

Monica wanted to do lunch, but I was so low on spoons (link pdf warning) that I had gone into debt with some forks, so we went home and collapsed.

I hope you enjoyed checking out a Dia de los Muertos festival!

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