Fritters (fritters) wrote,

Canada Day 6 - A Saturday in Canada

This is a quiet set, with a farmers market, some flowers, some fruit and a hungry stag.

A quiet farmer's market in Cranbrook.

In Canada!

Berries for sale at the market.

A big tough-looking dude with a tiny foofy dog ^_^

Flowers in the adjoining park.

Heather found a stag eating berries from a tree in the parking lot of the court house, maybe 6 feet from her car. This is how the deer are there. Wow.

Om nom nom...

Apparently, these are stone fruit ^_~

Best shot.

August in Canada and the leaves were changing. It's November here and ours haven't started yet.

Some flowers in a storefront downtown.

The Cranbrook clocktower, behind some local art.

The clocktower and a country fair sign ^_^

Tags: canada, photos

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