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Picture Post! Seattle!!

Thanks to the generous love of the Lind family and my God, a trip fell into my lap for me to go to Seattle! I got to meet a Baby Lind! And see things! If you would like to see a Baby Lind and Seattle, you may want to click through this cut right here.

This here is Lake Washington. It's a pretty relaxey place.

This is a beautiful Amber, holding a beautiful little Ezra.

I love the kid in this shot.

A Seattleites reaction to finally having a warm and lovely day.

Ezra, taking in his new world.

Hat Hat Baby. Bonus points to anyone who isn't Richard who gets that reference.

"This is a pretty interesting place."

"O Hai!"

My friend Austin (A.K.A. mearn4d10) showed me around the downtown Seattle area, and was wonderful. We got coffee and wandered about while I took too many pictures. Here's the waterfront on Puget Sound.

Doesn't this place look fun?

More waterfront.

This is vaguely ominous, though.

I got to hug a giant pig!

This shot is required by Washington State Law if you enter Pike's Place.

Jason asked me to fondle some fish for him. This is me fondling a fish. It was actually a reasonable amount of fun. I would fondle a fish, again.

Fresh tulips in the Pike's Place market.

Fresh flowers at a vendors are really danged photogenic.

"Eat me!"

...and no marketplace is complete without a giant squid.

I went into a chocolate store and bought nothing. This is pretty amazing. Granted, I can't say the same for the tea or spice store.

This picture is also required by state law.

"Pay no attention to me. I'm just making fresh cheese right in front of you..."

Market shot!

When leaving at the airport, security stopped me. They said "I see you have a camera with you. Did you take a picture of the Space Needle?" I showed them this shot and then they allowed me to leave the state.

Lake Washington in front of a majestic Ranier.

Later in the trip, Mrs. Lind took me and the Ezra child to Snoqualmie Falls, which has a permanent rainbow during the day from the mist off the falls.

These falls, specifically.

A distant train trestle through the woods.

Mom and baby! And some falls!

Have I mentioned I find public seating shots to be really relaxing, because I can insert myself mentally into the picture?

Proof I was actually there!

One more falls shot...

Some of the beautiful flora of Washington State.

Big grateful thanks to the Lind Family and God for this fun, sweet trip!


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