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Bored and taking a buttload of quizzes...

A whopping one point to whoever can tell me who my favorite monkee is.


Take the Hey Hey, Which Monkee Are You? Quiz.

I'm Mike
Mike: Most likely, you're the one to come up with
the plans, break up the fights, or solve the
problems. It's a bit like being everyone's big
brother. However, you do have fun, and
definitely hold a position of maturity and
authority that the other guys don't often

What's Your TV Monkee Personality?
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Take Avon's Love Test
to find your ideal Monkee!

See which Monkees drag character you are!

Even in DRAG I get Micky!!

See what song the Monkees sing for you, Babe

you're micky dolenz!
you're the funny and lovable one. cute and
adorable, you supply the comic relief in most
of the episodes, but you also give a great
musical sense to the band. and you have a sexy
voice. you'll look like a mobster when you're
50! congrats!

which monkee are you?
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