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Have I Been Writing In Here Enough??

We got the paperwork for the court stuff yesterday, on the suit against our ex-landlord Kamy. I have no idea how we're going to afford and get together all the documents they want. Just developing the photo rolls we have around, which are unmarked OF COURSE, so we hafta do them all, will be well over a hundred bucks right there. Plus, I'm going to need to get copies of documents from people all over the area and most people charge for that. PLUS plus I need to get my shrinks to sign off how much damage they think I got in that direction from all of this, and being state employees, I dont know if they can even do that or if I have to go to more shrinks for more money. And we have to have all this accomplished in 8 days now. And at the same time, the rent is due, and I need to save to get my car registered at three times the usual price, plus smogging (Thanks governor davis =\ ) I probably won't be able to legally drive my car for six months because of all this. Yes, I'm stressed. And Aetolus should be in town now. *sigh*

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