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Spiffy new default icon. Look! Really proud of it.

And here's an example of one of the philosophies I live by. I'm sure nevwynelf and ladypixel agree here. (P.S. I have GOT to get you two to talk, I can't possibly see you not getting along great...)

I splurged on a couple kinds of imported cheeses the other day and just kicked back on the couch with new X-Men comics, eating imported cheese off TJ crackers, with Norwegian artesian water, yet. Mmmmmmmm, decadence.

Here's a fascinating article about how the media is handling the recent reports on antibacterial soaps. I doubt it's what you are expecting....

And here is that article that Don Henley wrote, ripping the music industry a new one. It's worth the read if you haven't seen it, although I disagree on his P.O.V. on piracy, as I think if the industry didn't charge twice the cost of cassettes for CD's, when CD's cost less than a third of what cassettes do to produce, there'd be a lot less piracy.


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