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Today we went to the Zoo as part of our late Valentines Day celebration. Later I'll be putting up a page with lots of animal pictures and suchlike. For the moment, we're so damn tired of walking up and down hills we've put the dinner off till tomorrow when we can actually enjoy it and not rush after being busy all day.

I did get one unexpected plus out of the zoo. It totally reaffirmed my belief that I never ever as long as I freakin' live EVER want to breed. The place was filled with the little parasites screaming at the top of their lungs at these poor animals. I wanted to slap them. The whole place was filled with yelling, screaming, crying kids bumping into me and pushing their little brother's baby stroller over my feet.

No offense to Daliah or moonshine246, they never seemed to be like the horrid little monsters at the place. And honestly, I'm not sure anyone with so little patience for children SHOULD have kids. It's not fair to either of us.

Sorry, Dad.

Did I mention the coyote ate my umbrella? More on that later.

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