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Apparently, cryonics is already proven technology if you're a lobster....

If it takes almost an hour to vaccuum the equivalent of a one bedroom apartment, then your vaccuum bites.

I may laugh at your nasty slushy weather, but when it's already too warm at 9 am to take the trash out and it's still March, then something is probably wrong.... Sometimes I wish I could live in L.A. and still have Oregon weather.

Info on Icon Appreciation Day

Finally saw Seabiscuit. Damn. That was way better than I expected. Exceptional movie. I really really found it effective. Now I wanna read up on everything. I totally recommend this movie.

If you have never heard anything from Richard Cheese and Lounge Against the Machine, you truly must, and soon. They do lounge lizard versions of popular music, including Closer from NIN, Creep from Radiohead, Holiday in Cambodia from the Dead Kennedys, Enter Sandman from Metallica, and many many more songs that end up sounding REALLY wrong in fascinating funny ways. Go wherever you "sample" music from and enter "Richard Cheese". Trust me on this one. It's VERY worth it. I especially recommend the first two.

I've been planning on adding some cool info I found in Psychology Today, but I've got too much to put in here already, y'all'll just hafta wait.

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