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"I've had an apostrophe!"

Last night I finally got around to reading an article in Tea Hyakka magazine, which was linked to by ladypixel in teafreaks called "THE JAPANESE TEA CEREMONY: TEA FOR ALL NATIONS."

I recommend the living heck out of this. Between reading this article and visiting the authentic happiness pages yesterday, I (at least temporarily) have a much more aware way of living. It may not last, it may be just another thing that affects me and then I forget about, but even if I don't stick to it, it doesn't make it less worthy. It's got some very good hints on enjoying everything and doing things beautifully and making things more religious (if you want them to be.) If I could I would sit down all my friends and make them read it.

If you are interested then don't feel you have to read the whole thing at once. I personally copied the text and made it into a palm file.

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