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The stress reaches a high point...

Well, the Three Amigos are finally gone. Things did not always go as swimmingly as could have been hoped. I wasn't going to bitch about it all, but it got to the point where if I didn't I'd be explaining their disappearance to Interpol.

To save those of you who don't want to read A Comedy of Errors I'll attempt my first LJ cut. This was written on my palm pilot, BTW.

I suppose the blame rests firmly with Dale, but finger-pointing doesn't really make me feel any better right now.

Act 1: The three of them, Chad, Dale and Celina arrive in Los Angeles with no plans of where to stay. So's, being the nice guy/gal that I am, I find the cheapest motel in the area that is a chain and is therefore unlikely to be crawling with new little friends.

Act 2, Scene 1: Dale is supposed to follow me and Chad to a Korean bank in Korea town, and, if separated, meet us there with the directions provided. As you would expect of an L.A. freeway, we get seperated. So Chad and I wait for a while, but he never show up. So we head off to Olvera Street to get some food in him, its after four and he still hasn't eaten. The two of them are supposed to call my cell if any problems occur.

Act 2, Scene 2: Chad, Martin and I end up sitting around my place worried what the heck happened. No calls, they don't show up, nada. Originally the plan was to separate AFTER the bank and meet at my place no later than ten, so we figured Dale was just being an inconsiderate boob by not calling us and telling us they were all right and would show up later. Still, the lack of calls worries the crap outta Chad. We ply him with wine since his nervousness had caused him to vibrate at such a molecular level that we expected him to toss a loose atom any second and explode our apartment. We attempt to distract him with Invader Zom and Noir. Ten o'clock rolls by. Eleven. We try to get a little food in him and succeed at the "little" part with one small frozen tamale.

Act 2, Scene 3: 12:30 am. Dale and Celina arrive acting surprised we're a bit peeved at them. According to them, they had a flat tire (why didn't they call...) and so decided to meet us here. We said meet by midnight, didn't we? (no it was ten, and you STILL didn't make it by midnight, OR call to say you'd be late.) At this point, Chad asks if they can sleep behind our gated parking since they can't afford a motel again and he doesn't feel it's safe to sleep on the street. Being the nice people we are, and not wanting to feel like schnooks for leaving them in a cold garage, we say they can have the living room.

INTERMISSION (of bitching): Dale pays for my dinner Saturday night to thank me for everything. They ask to sleep in the living room again.

Act 3, Scene 1: In this scene we see Martin and Misty sitting at home Sunday evening. The Three Amigos had left a note saying they would be back later to pick up the stuff they left. No call by ten so we assume it's safe to eat dinner. Martin goes to bed at midnight, late for him since he gets up at 3:30 am, as we're still waiting for them. I grudgingly go to bed, too, but dressed somewhat in case they still show up.

Act 3, Scene 2: The phone wakes me at 12:30 am. They're close and will be here soon.

Act 3, Scene 3: After forcing myself to stay awake for over an hour I give up and get out of bed to stay awake. They arrive at 1:30 in the morning and proceed to unroll bedstuffs without asking. See, Dale apparehtly believes he can afford 75$ for boat tickets to Catalina and 50$ for bike rental, but not 55$ to keep a roof over their head. Chad admits he tried to call at ten, when they reached the mainland, had no change, asked that they stop at a 7-11, but fell asleep till 12:30 and Dale had simply ignored the request.

I point out to them that to avoid traffic to their next stop, Vegas, they should leave by five am and that Martin would wake them in two hours getting ready for work, and they seemed unbothered and to think of it as a wake up call. I have a glass of wine at two am to keep my molecules from vibrating for a different reason and eventually fall asleep.

Act 4, Scene 1: I wake up at 7:30 am, Monday morning, still a bit upset. I hadn't really wanted to dish dirt on all this before Sunday evening hit, but by Monday morning I was in need of catharsis and a bit of sympathy. So, I walk out into the living room and there they all still are, sleeping peacefully. So, of COURSE, still trying to be nice, I quietly go back into the bedroom, even though I was hungry and heading for the kitchen. And my catharsis is done on my palm pilot instead of the computer. It takes longer this way. (looks at clock) An hour so far.

I know I probably shouldn't have posted this, I don't want Chad to know how much this all really peeved me. I'm expecting, since he doesn't have my lj address, that the 1.5 P6 members who DO have the address will be discretionary. A lot of it was out of his hands, and Dale is most certainly unwelcome in our house again. I can hear them moving about in the living room...oops, wait, Celina is borrowing the shower. Everybody wave. =/

At least it will be over soon. I expect I'll be expected to hug everyone goodbye, regardless of my mood.

I'm off to eat something and brave the other two.


Post Script: After two hours of giving Dale directions to and from every place of interest in the entirety of Southern California, and realizing he hadn't written any down and was getting it all wrong already, I subtly suggested that maybe purchasing a map might be in order. Finally, at 10:30 am, they're outta here. I may miss the nice two, but I will seriously not miss Dale.

I'll probably be spending the rest of the day being nice to myself considering I already did all the bills , next months rent and some banking as well today...

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