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Happy Icon Maker Appreciation Day!

I already have a post about that, so I'm not going to go on about that...

But speaking of icons, am I the only one who has been having a lot of icons, both mine and everyone elses, not showing up? Has there been a problem with the LJ icon servers lately??

Second of all, I was proud of a tiny bit of writing I did yesterday....someone wrote me a fannish letter about my website and they included this sentence (I'm sure slightly sarcastically...)

>I know you get floods of fan mail in in their thousands, so I'll be brief!!

So I responded....

"Pots and pots of the stuff! Just oodles! I have hired a team of well-oiled monkeys to sift through it all and bring to my attention all the important bits. I am a veritable goddess of the web, almost with rock star status. The papparazzi hound me mercilessly."

I love the idea of well-oiled monkeys. That's just so wrong!

And here's a link I got from nfayre. Some of you have seen it but I know some of you haven't and it was too good not to pass on. This is an absolutely fascinating and deeply affecting page. It documents a woman's ride on her motorcycle (which she does somewhat regularly!) through the Chernobyl dead zone. I know she talks of how beautiful the scenery is without people around, but it still seems as if it would be deeply depressing from the pictures. Still, don't miss it.

Martin is changing to graveyard tonight, so it's sorta a slow day, I'll probably post some more crap tonight....

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