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Mom forwards me her mail from Tom McClintock. I didn't vote for him for governor, I voted for the guy who won, but this is a very interesting statement....

"To give you some idea of how completely disconnected from reality  Sacramento has become, you might want to review the committee statement I made on behalf of my bill, SB 1503, to rescind the in-state tuition   subsidy for illegal immigrants. The bill failed passage in the Senate Education Committee on a vote of 1 to 10, with only state Senator Pete Knight supporting the repeal. Please click here to see who voted against the bill.

'This year, approximately 7,500 qualified California residents who would otherwise be attending California universities this year will be  turned away and diverted to community colleges for lack of funds. Meanwhile, approximately the same number of illegal immigrants will receive the in-state tuition subsidy of up to $16,476 per year to  attend those same universities -- at a cost between $45 million and $65 million..' "

One of the reasons I've been out of college for the last 2 years is because the only place the state will send me to learn is so bad of an occupational center that the teacher half the time would spend three hours figuring something out himself and then say "Well, now we learned that this way doesn't work." This is why I have to use every penny from the money supposed to compensate me for my health sucking for the rest of my life to go to college even though I've been approved for state money. Because the state can't afford to send me to a state college.

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