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More potpourri

New default icon! Yeah, I get bored of them fast. You know what a graphics whore I am. Not the world's best picture, but I personally took it when we were leaving Catalina last time (years and years ago....I miss it.) It doesn't work REALLY well on my main user page, but considering most people see my icons when I respond or when I post, on their friends page, it doesn't actually get VIEWED a lot on my main page. And it works WAY better on my responses to people's posts.

Some of you may have heard this, but it was too good not to pass on. I saw it on Adult Swim.

How many DragonBall Z characters does it take to screw in a light bulb?

Only one, but it takes four episodes.

Speaking of Adult Swim, does anyone watch Big O? What the HELL is up with Roger's eyebrows? Why do they have big ol' spoilers on the end, does he need them to be particularly aerodynamic?

And now I know why only rachel1987 has been bold enough to bowl against me.

And here is an interesting article I found on the mad_scientist community about a town in Sicily where things are spontaneously combusting all over the darn place. No ideas yet on why.

And Happy God-Killing-Your-Enemies-Firstborn-Sons Day to all my Jewish friends ^_^

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