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A cool link I got from taeha. Remember to try the commands breakdance and chicken sandwich.

In the great Vineyard Challenge challenge, a whopping two people have participated with da_pimpmasta in the lead over nfayre.

According to some guy who emailed kingu, Los Angeles will be destroyed today. More info here.

"Saturday, April 24th in Los Angeles
@ Bar Sinister
I will be playing a short (about half hour) set
at 11pm.
down the candle-lit alley @
1652 n. cherokee avenue
(next door 2 the famous steve boardner's)
in hollywood, california
just south of hollywood blvd
and three blocks east of highland
For more info:"

Oh, and don't believe him on the last bit, I went to the website and there was NOTHING informative there. I hear it's 10$ though.

Oh, and Happy Easter!! With Martin's schedule, the days get weird for me. Almost forgot!

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