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More potpourri....

1. Does anyone know of any way of creating new brushes in Imageready? ANYone? I've even saved brushes from photoshop and tried to import them but it doesn't recognize the file type.

2. Martin is on Yahoo Mess. so lately if you want to reach me, that's the best way. I check Aim and ICQ occasionally, but 95% of the time I'm on Yahoo Mess.

3.This is just scary. Scary and wrong.

4. Voltaire is playing a free full acoustic in-store appearance at Ipso Facto in Fullerton 5 pm Saturday. More info at

5. Speaking of free shows, I'm going to see Che Zuro playing Friday night at some hotel in Simi if anyone wants to show up....

6. Why am I never posting what I'm doing with my life? Because it's 90% sleeping, eating, making icons and going out to eat with postrophe. There. You're all caught up. I may post a couple of cute cat pictures in a couple of weeks. Woot.


First of all, there's a page called Bowling for Truth where an intelligent gentleman points out how even by the Academy's standards Michael Moore's Bowling for Columbine does NOT count as a documentary and there's a petition on the site to have the Oscar taken away from it because it fails to meet even their own criterion. It points out how so much of Bowling for Columbine is bullshit and false..... I would appreciate you scrolling down and signing it....

...but not as much as I'd appreciate you signing this petition. Michael Moore is making another "documentary" (read:pack of bullshit lies) that he's planning on releasing right before the elections in an effort to lie to everyone about Bush and 9/11. Miramax is funding it. This petition asks them to NOT fund it. After seeing the page at Bowling for Truth, do you really want the American public to listen to what Michael Moore decides to spew about the president and accept it as truth, basing their vote on it? Even if you DON'T like Bush, which I know applies to many of you, don't you want the voting public to choose based on truth and not scurrilous propanda? Don't you think it's crap that he can present lies as truth and most people who won't do enough research or care enough to find OUT if it's the truth?

And FYI, don't sign anything else there. The page is run by a bunch of pro-life gay-hating bastards. But as Martin says, even a blind pig finds a root occasionally.

And I may respond once or twice to political discussions started here, but I'm still not well-informed enough to really present my side well, so in lieu of not having any comment allowable, I thought I'd just say I'm REALLY not prepared or in the mood for long political debates.

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