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Just finished reading The Active Side of Infinity by Carlos Castaneda last night. There's some REALLY provocative stuff in there, lots of things I wish I could discuss with someone. Real Magic, Real Monsters, all of which, if this book is telling the truth, affects us. And this is an author Martin Kruse read so it's hard to just dismiss it out of hand. I would adore if one of my friends would read it, although I only have it in .pbd. Out of the people I know ladypixel, owldragon1 and apostrophe are the ones most likely to have an interest in it and as far as I know ladypixel is the only one who both reads this and has a palm, but I know how busy she is too. In any case, if anyone wants to read this and talk about it with me (it's based on the knowledge of the Yaqui Indian Shamans), feel free to download it from below and write me back, even if you're a total stranger. I REALLY found it interesting.

The Active Side of Infinity - Carlos Castaneda - PDB format

I know I won't hear anything about this immediately, but hey, good things are worth the wait.

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