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My weekend.

My weekend consisted mainly of running around at high speed and then passing out exhausted for large periods of time.

Martin overslept most of Friday so Saturday was pretty much running around trying to get everything we planned on doing Friday done. The high point was the Indoor Swap Meet. Martin was feelin' flush and bought both of us PS2 games (Freaky Flyers for him and Metropolismaker for me. I'm a whore for Natsumi games. Never played one I didn't like.) He also bought me an acrylic square with a rat lasered into the inside in 3d to replace the one Hunley chipped, a small dark red sculpture of a momma rat and a bunch of baby rats on a pile of gold coins (both from Feng Shui Depot, which is my favorite shop most likely) and a bunch of neat aromatherapy stuff for the house.

High point? The Malibu Chumash powwow, Sunday with ladypixel and kingu. Lori assisted us in doing our first geocache, which was very coolly hidden. I'd post pictures but I was too lazy to carry my camera from my purse. She gave us free beaverages (almond iced tea!) and I had my first Navajo Taco on fry bread. Fry bread is addicting and no one on low fat or low carb diets should even think of eating one cause I'm gonna need summore now. I also bought the bitchenest little carved turtle, made of a resiny iridescent material. It's soooo pretty! The powwow was on a bluff overlooking the ocean at Malibu and simply rocked, location-wise. I'm halfway considering going to the Hesperia, except for one thing.

The low-point. Seems I've been on the verge of fighting something off for a while cause after I got back I just felt like crap for almost a day and a half now. I'm not SICK, but I think my body is playing with the idea. I've been lying on the couch with blankets over me when the house is over 80 degrees. Bleaugh. But I don't actually feel sick. It's just weird. Argh. Enough of the whining.

postrophe, sorry I haven't returned your calls, I've either been asleep or not home every damn time you've called and the rest of the weekend's been so damned hectic that it's all I can do to keep functioning.

And cause I got tired of having people go to a big messy directory when they were interested in my icons I made a few VERY rough directory pages for them. This is NOT an icon journal because I would have put some damn effort into it. It's just a place to point people so they can look over my crap.

I WILL be trying to keep it somewhat updated, though, so I can use it as the basis for a real icon page someday.

Random Martin quote from my Yahoo Mess: "I KNOW WHERE BIGFOOT'S FAMILY IS!"

P.S. Hunley likes instant peach iced tea.

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