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Well, I finally got around to downloading all the pictures from the camera card, there were over 70. On the bright side, I only have 7 here for you, to click on at your leisure, so you don't have to see them all if you don't want to, as well as a powwow page with 17 more.

First of all, this image is why you don't take pictures of blue damselfish with a flash. You lose all the blue. Taken at a chinese restaurant several weeks back.

And this one is taken at a mercedes dealer nearby that had a service area with a few lights out. I just found the whole picture mildly ironic. Taken by Martin, actually.

Here's some proof that the beam of a green laser is visible in normal light. It's a pic of Hunley out to smack it and not really getting the idea of the fact his hand wasn't meeting anything when he KNEW he saw something there.

And I wanted to be bold and actually have a real recent not-too-doctored photo of myself and stop hiding my weight gain so much. This is a picture of Me, Mom, Martin and Mom's friend Carol at Mimi's on last Easter. The four of us get together about three times a year, Easter, Thanksgiving and Christmas and do the food thing. I fixed up my complexion slightly, but otherwise, that's me.

There were some really pretty flowers blooming outside of Mimi's that day.

Sometimes when postrophe and me go out we get a little bored or punch drunk. Here is a picture of Richard proving he has MaD m0zz@r3LLa $+iCk bA1AnC1ng $kiLLz.

And here is a picture of some stencil art of a rat in the alley next to Cacao. This is posted mainly for Jason, who never freakin' visits my journal.

And here are the better pics I got at Sunday's powwow. postrophe and I drove out to Hesperia to visit ladypixel and crewe, as well as check out everything. The location was pretty nice, but it was waaaaay too hot. Anyways, more details on the page. Comment on it here, of course.

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