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*zombielike* Onnne of uuuusss...onnne of uuuussss

We have converted another soul to the dark evil dread that is livejournal! MWAHAHAHAHAHAHHAAH!!

Everyone welcome thudpucker to the fold!! I've already talked Martin into making a bunch of friends, so he may already be on the list of people friending you! I went and helped him upload three icons and put a little info in, but as of yet haven't cajoled him into actually CREATING a journal or posting...

The main reason he got one is because A: I don't post all the political stuff he WANTS me to post ("...why dont you get a journal and do it yourself?") and B: He sometimes wants to respond to other people's posts and asks me to do it ("...either respond for yourself as anonymous and list your name or just get a journal and respond that way...").

Hooray, now I have someone else to harrass about livejournal cuts! The good news for you? I'll be posting less political stuff, although I may occasionally point y'all to his journal. Perhaps we can all twist him into a meme slave as well!

Onnnnne of uuuusssss! Onnne of uuuuussss!

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