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I hadn't even tried to go to the internet through my laptop cause I figured it was waaay too hard to set up. But I figured, WTF. So I plug in a cable from the router to the back of my pc and BOOM! Net.

On the other hand I am 100% pop up blocker and virus checker free, so no surfing for me. I'm pretty much tied to LJ, Neopets, and talking to people through AIM and Yahoo Mess (once I download them...)

Off to download! Yeeps!! *worry worry worry*

This entry written on my laptop. Yeeps.

P.S. I'm pretty much assuming all corporate sites (non-porn) are pretty safe. If you know of any that aren't please tell me soon!!

P.P.S. My journal's colors are all weirder on my laptop but it's STILL pretty! Now I can never change them ^_^ It's all coral on my laptop and all orange sherbet on my mac...

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