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It is 9 in the morning and I haven't slept yet, but I want to get this post over with since I've been putting stuff off for a couple of days now. Forgive me if the content is a little disjointed or thin, but it's better than no content at all, nee'?

First of all, let me say my digi is VERY old. It is about 1 megapixel. It has no zoom, period. It has no settings for various lighting options. This will become VEERRRRRRY obvious.

First of all, Friday night postrophe and I went to Little Tokyo to see what was up. Firstly, what was up was a trip through Chinatown where I saw Chicken Boo. It was the exact size I have always figured Chicken Boo would be and he was standing on the roof of a poultry sales place.

Unfortunately, my camera has no "shooting in the dark" settings...

I was able to lighten it enough for you to at least see it's a giant chicken...

Then we found a really spiffy Japanese restaurant in Little Tokyo that's open till like 3 am on weekends. It's called Suehiro Cafe and they have 6 California rolls for only 4 bucks! And mixed drinks for 4 as well, when the other night at TGIFriday's they charged us 8 frikken bucks for drinks just as large. I REALLY like the place and think we'll go back.

Oh, they also have manga there and on the cover of some or other manga mag I saw the cuuuutest picture! Thankfully, close ups are one thing I CAN still do....

My GAWD that's an adorable puppything!

Then we drove around futzing around and we came across a Ferreteria. I just LOVED the word. thudpucker thinks that's where all the little ferrets eat their lunch, but in all honesty, I think it might be Spanish for Hardware Store.

Once again, a night shot that was never meant to be....

In our futzing about we found a REALLY cool restaurant called The French Quarter. It's like Mimi's and the Blue Bayou at Disney collided. And if you go to the web site you'll see one reason why, the menu is pretty much Mimi's, anyways. The place looks like they took the bayou out of the Blue Bayou, it's a little courtyard made to look outdoors not only by the fountain in it and the blue overhead and the gazebo in the middle, but also by the fact there's an actual walkway around the outside with operating stores and businesses in it! It's EXACTLY a French sidewalk cafe if you just found a courtyard a threw a roof over it.

You can see the gazebo easily enough, but the fountain on the right of it is damn near invisible. It's a lot prettier and cooler in person. You CAN make out the path around the courtyard with the shop, though...

Anywho, that was Friday night. Saturday (last) night, we went to some place called Yukon on Santa Monica and then to Cacao, for the richest caffeiniest shake I've ever had. I took pictures of Cacao too, but apparently my card reader wants me to redownload the software to use it again, so it can fu**ing bite me. It IS a cool place, they're open till 3am and rather hip, so follow the link, they have some pictures there that will give you a pretty good idea of the place.

We also sang ladypixel's song everytime it came on the radio the last couple days, and that's a lot, it's in heavy rotation... We've permanently perverted Hoobastank's The Reason by changing the lyrics from "...and the reason is you..." to "...and Lori sez moo..." Hopefully, I have just ruined it for some of you, as well ^_^

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And now that I'm done, it's 9:40am. Shoot me.

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