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An open letter to spazzychic regarding your journal, avisionaire and ouroborous,

First of all, I'm not making this post public to create LJDrama, I'm making it public in case you want to show it to the two mentioned above, who are not on my friends list. This entry is about reducing LJDrama.

I'd like to request that you exclude me from all of your political posts.

I'm not asking to be off your lj, I love you and I mean that. But your posts about political things upset me, even though I know you think about them a lot. What bothers me is not only feeling as though every day or so I get a big reminder of how different we are and the things that might come between us some day, but the responses.

Because LJ responses generally take a few days to die down, I'm feeling as though every day I get to see my ideals and beliefs slammed and dragged through the dirt by avisionaire and ouroborous. And from thudpucker's responses, I can see if I ever tried to stand up to either of them like he does, I would be personally attacked for it, with no regard to any facts I might have on the manner.

And honestly, I'm sick of it. For the last couple weeks I've constantly felt like all your friends think I'm a stupid fucking moron for not being a screaming liberal like them. (Yes, I know, all of them aren't like that...) It has, in all honesty again, greatly reduced my desire to visit you. And I do want to visit you, and meet fixerbard as well, I'm just concerned if I ever went I would get dirty looks from your friends, or looked down upon, and from your posts I can't imagine that when you're surrounded by your friends up there the subject of politics won't come up and I won't have thudpucker to defend my viewpoint then and I'm not really capable, with my swiss cheese memory, to defend myself against such an attack.

But the core point is, we've got in small arguments about icons, your recent post about Reagan really upset me and I don't feel like I can respond to your political posts without being slapped down and called names by people who feel that a viewpoint is more important than facts or thinking.

I do love you, I still want to know about the rest of your life, good and bad. But please exclude me from anything political in the future. It distresses me to see it on my friends page.

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