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Little stuff...

I had a weird night. After thinking for weeks that I pretty much had a choice of hanging with Richard or Martin and that was pretty much it, I find out three other people wanna hang out with me. That was unexpected. Have I suddenly grown people skills??

Secondly, peeps I talk to on MSN. Sorry, but that won't be happening again. Every time I log into MSN Mess. my computer puts a little code into itself so that EVERY time I start up my computer it tells me how much hotmail I haven't gotten to. It's VERY annoying and every time the only way of getting rid of it is editing spooky stuff in RegEdit. I'll be pretty much only on AIM and Yahoo Mess. from now on.

Thirdly, I know where to find anime music videos and I know where to find Farscape music videos, but surely other fandoms have these as well?? Where do you go for X-men, Spiderman or Harry Potter music vids? URL me!

Lastly, I'll send a cheesy e-postcard to the first person (other than thudpucker or postrophe) who can tell me the source on this song/quote. Looking it up on a search engine is cheating, BTW, and cheating makes Jesus cry.

"Look at me! I'm a kitty cat!
I wear a bowl of peanuts as a hat!
If I eat them all I will get fat!
Blah blah blah I'm a kitty caaaaaat!"

Extra credit for naming the cat that sings it.


"Remember, you are as much bat as the next."


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