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No one has commented to the last three posts I made, which started out private (cause I was archiving stuff) and then I edited to public when I was done. I'm concerned no one can SEE these posts. Can you guys tell me if you see any posts between this one and the pick a web graphic entry? There should be one post on the 14th and two on the 16th...



CRAP! I KNOW what it is!! When I make them public, they're still dated when I started them and they show up way back in people's friends pages on the parts they've already seen!!

Can y'all go to my actual journal to see the last couple entries? Sorry, I won't be posting like that anymore....

In other news, I've actually gone back through my posts and added memories. Took me a couple hours, but I'm done. It's haphazard, but at least people can find the Ghost Pictures easier now.

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