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Another Whining Post

Well, for the second time in the last year, someone bought the apartments we're in again. And apparently one of the things that new apartment owners always do is fu** with the greenery. I think it's a sort of territorial pissing, to be honest. And of course, since we'd been sold twice in the last year there wasn't a lot of greenery left to obliterate.

When we moved in Martin loved how the place was totally overgrown with trees. It provided lots of shade, kept the cooling bills lower, helped muffle all the screaming useless brats "happy children noises", etc.

And then we were sold to the Pretty Darn Evil people who chopped everything back by about 1/2. So of course, now that we're sold again to people even eviller, what do they do? Remove EVERY damn tree in the courtyard, except for two palm trees, which are the Q-tips of the tree world. We had big beautiful shading trees over 70 years old from the look of them. Out come the chainsaws.

And when removing the trunks, they didn't even CARE where the chips flew. I had to hide all the cats in the bedroom for fear one of the big chunks hitting the windows would shatter them. So now we have a big courtyard full of barren dirt and burning sun.

And this doesn't even touch on the fact that they haven't fixed our air conditioner, and the order asking for it to be fixed is almost 3 months old now. The house, with the air conditioner on HIGH 24 hours a day, is too hot to really spend any time in.

Did I mention the jackhammers? Ah, yes, the jackhammers are back! They're tearing up all the cement in front of the first 10 apartments (also right by our windows). No one will be allowed there. How they expect the people in those apartments to get in and out, I'll be damned if I know. And of course, this must all be done during business hours.

Did I mention Martin works graveyard and needs to sleep during daylight hours?

And to top it all off, Diana, the apartment manager, is completely convinced that they will be turning this place into a no pets no smoking place any day now. Which means we will have one month to move, with no money saved up for it, and no roommates to put on the lease instead of us. After the whole lawsuit thing, our rental reports look like poison to landlords. No one will have us. And the new people also just gave everyone 24 hours to decide to take 2 grand to move out or not. (Thanks for all the thinking time, guys.)

They also have decided that we are all untrustable reprobates. We can no longer write checks for the rent. They will only take money orders and cashiers checks. There's another 7 dollars per person to get those done at the bank....

So, the upshot of all of this is (yes, there's a point) that they will probably be doing everything in their power to force us out as soon as humanly possible, but we can't afford to move and can't get IN anywhere else. And to top it all off, I'd LOVE to leave this place, with the trees gone, it's a depressing shithole. So we're trapped in a place we hate that will be trying to make us homeless soon, and possibly even succeeding.

Can you say stress? I knew you could.


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