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Chunks of my Days

I was going through my older posts today and noticed less and less people are commenting. Am I less interesting than I was 6 months ago? Is my life too boring? If it's one of those, I'd prefer the second one.

As a heads up to the Calgary Peeps, I'm planning on showing up there about September 1-2 and staying for a week. Is that a problem for anyone? If it is, please let me know.

spazzychic, I got that new lobster necklace for you.

Guess what? They're having the workmen destroy the trees and the paths on weekends, too! Nine in the morning today (Saturday) the chainsaws and hammering started. I swear, they are purposely trying to piss off as many current occupants as possible.

What does this mean? It means Martin gets no sleep before work for the next 5 days. And they're stopping the graveyard shift after next week. So if he starts falling asleep at work during the next week he could well lose his job. Well, actually, we aren't 100% sure he isn't being laid off anyways (more stress) so having loud saws outside the window during his sleep hours is just gravy.

Today's Interesting Quote: "I am ambivalent about that with the white hot intensity of a thousand suns." - postrophe

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