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Do you ever have people that you still dream of and you have no idea why? I had one last night, which reminded me of another.

Peter DeLuise. No idea why I still dream of him. I was hot for him in, what, 1983? 1984? Yeah, I saw him in something the other night, but a: he's a scorpio, it'd never work. B: he's engaged. And biggest of all is c: I have met actual people who have worked with him and had it confirmed that yes, he is a Complete Asshole and Utter Bastard. He deserves NO fangirls attention. And yet, he still shows up with regularity. Crud. I wish I could fix that.

The second, for better or worse, is a real person who ALSO I have no chance at. Yes, once again, I had a crush on them like almost a decade ago, but I was unavailable then, just as I am now. With the same person, actually. And he never treated me that well, although we talked a lot and I idolized him some. And ever since, I dream about the bastard, right through the time he was engaged, right through him ballooning to like 300 pounds or something, right through the end of his marriage, up to today. And honestly, since he's not famous I have less chance of contacting him than Peter. Yet, still, like clockwork, one or two dreams a year he waltzes right into with that winning smile. Once again, I wish I could fix that.

So am I the only one with dreams filled with unwanted ghosts? Who would you exorcise?

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