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A Michael Moore post (no, it's ABOUT him, it's not filled with half-truths...)

First of all, I know I mentioned to a couple of you about the fact Martin would be making a post about the whole F911 thing. If you'd like to read it (I'd like you to read it) it's here...

Second of all, I'd like to talk about something he only brushed up against. He left it to the reader to come to their own conclusions, but I'd like to draw out my own for you because I think mine make a lot of sense and I think they're something you should consider.

Yeah, I'm just full of myself today, ain't I?

Martin mentioned in his journal that the Hezbollah supports F911. He linked to a place with information on it. Here's another article in case you missed that.

Now that it's pretty well confirmed that they support it, let's take a moment to think about that.

It's relatively well-known that the movie F911 was engineered to try to remove Bush from office this November. It's relatively well-known that the release was timed in such a way as to aid this.

Now why would the Hezbollah support this movie? Is it because it paints them as all around swell guys you'd like to go shoot pool with? Or is it more likely that they agree with the main goal of the movie?

Now let's think about the Hezbollah for a moment.

I think it's relatively safe to assume that most people would agree that they are an American hating terrorist group.

Now why would an American hating terrorist group support a movie engineered to remove Bush from office? Call me crazy, but I would assume it's because they agree with it's goal. THEY want Bush out of office.

And if the Hezbollah wants Bush out of office, doesn't that mean that they believe he is doing a good job at fighting terrorism? Doesn't that mean that they believe "Anyone but Bush" would be an improvement and let them get away with more?

So, to sum up, doesn't that mean that a vote for "Anyone but Bush" would mean that you're supporting an increase in terrorism? And an increase in the number of Americans killed in future? If people who hate Americans and want us all dead want you to vote against Bush, doesn't that mean any vote not for him is a vote for dead Americans?

I'm just saying....


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