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Little Updates...

I haven't been feeling particularly LJ-ey lately, so I've been putting off several small updates. Might as well do them now. FYI, if you've noticed a reduction in the amount of comments by me, that's why.

First of all, Martin bought a GPS! So, y'all will probably be getting geocaching updates on this thang as well as ladypixel's journal. It's relatively low in the product line, but it seems to have everything we need, including little cartoon people. And yes, Lori, we got a Ford even though y'all recommended the Chevy ^_^ Fry's had a sale, what can you say?

Despite the fact that the apt. managers have ripped out all the trees, they at least did one thing nice. Where we used to have shade and noise muffling, we now have grass and flowers. The place WAS very brown before, since all the trees were way up, so despite the fact we'd rather have the trees, the place looks very nice. There may be pictures in the future, I don't know.

Thirdly, we weren't planning on seeing fireworks because of Martin's schedule, but we eventually went out looking for some so late we figured we'd missed everything. (We went out at 9pm, the time when most shows are already starting and you can't drive near any popular shows) Well, we got a real treat. Turns out the locals in this area have a tradition of huge ass illegal fireworks shows. We assumed it was a tradition, as the only way we figured they could get away with it with absolutely no police presence in an area where they were absolutely illegal is if they'd eluded the cops year after year and they eventually gave up. And this was a SHOW. They had things that easily rivalled 95% of the professional shows, except they were putting them off VERY low and on a suburban street! They had HUGE volleys of aerial fireworks, with sounds, and every color you could want, and the little accelerating firefly ones and EVERYTHING. And unlike most shows, you could be RIGHT under them and they went on for an hour and a half (and we think we missed a lot of them, too...) At the end, after soliciting donations for next year, they had one guy just wandering around selling their leftovers, also screamingly illegal. It felt very American to spend almost two hours thumbing our noses at authority ^_^

This link is for you,spazzychic, although I think everyone will like it. The gentleman who made the fantastic kitty cat dance thingy has turned his powers of evil over to pandas...

A MegaTokyo cartoon I think everyone here will enjoy...

Which generic smut novel character are you? (With somewhat relevant pictures!)

The Obscenely Wealthy Heiress

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I'm amused that they got the first bit right, but then had me and Martin cheating with members of the same sex...

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