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Busy Weekend...

It's been a busy weekend or I would've updated by now. The main thing I wanted to put here was the stuff about the concert we went to Saturday afternoon/evening. It was a free concert in North Hollywood for the Valley Community Clinic or somesuch. (Yes, we donated money...) My favorite local band was playing followed directly by Martin's favorite local band.

First was Breech, which I highly recommend checking out. If you follow the link you can download mp3s or videos. I recommend the video for Awful Spill and the mp3 for Thistle to start out with, although the video for Easy Bake could be good, I haven't gotten around to watching it yet, just found out it was up right now when I checked the site. We got some pictures at the concert although most of them turned out REALLY crappy, we need a new camera hardcore.

First, here's a crappy picture of the concert....

Next is my favorite picture. Missy Gibson, lead singer of Breech, endorses Diet Rock Star Energy Drink!

Sorry its a little green. Problems with the camera. I thought I had removed all the blue it overdone, but apparently all I did was add yellow..... And last of all, the picture Martin made me take, which I didn't WANNA take cause I knew it was a Very Fangirl Photo. Picture of me and Missy.

Missy is VERY nice and patient with fans. She always remembers peoples names, greets people she remembers from before and when singing much prefers to be in and around the audience than up and apart from everyone.

Now, for Martin's band. They are Kanary. I like them, but not as much as Martin. I find them a bit early to mid 70's Heart-like. Heck, at the concert, Mary, the guitarist, almost LOOKED like she belonged in Heart (no, shes not fat, she's just got the Heart look...) They're a little hardcore for me and less melodic than Breech, but they make up for it in energy. Watching them play is like watching kittens play. They have so much genuine fun on stage you can't help enjoying watching them. Whereas Breech's lyrics are dark and serious, Kanary has a couple songs that are just plain fun. I'm sure Martin would recommend you visit their site and download some of the mp3s there. Here's a pic of them in concert, once again on the crappy camera...

And, in retaliation, I made Martin take a picture with Leslie, the lead singer.

After being up close and personal with Leslie, he announces he's thinking of getting a tattoo in a few years. I wonder where that idea came from. ;)

Today, Sunday, I visited Doreen for her birthday. She's only 4 months older than me so I won't say her age. Happy Birthday, Doreen! I would write about that, but it was pretty much driving a long time, talking some, then driving a long time. Doesn't make for riveting reading and neither of us would've wanted pictures up....

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