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First Real Caching Post!

Up till now all our bonafide geocaching has been with ladypixel and kingu, but today we found some on our own with the use of our very own GPS! Woot!

We tried If You Like Your Mede's Runny for the second or third time, but it was waaay too muggled even though we're pretty sure we've got it narrowed down. This one is the closest one to the house and has been taunting me for MONTHS! SO frustrating.

We moved on to Winnetka 21 and with the aid of the GPS (postrophe and I tried it once without one) we found it right off.

Then, since it had a travel bug and we'd never gotten one and since it was placed by someone using the name thudpucker, we went on to Nick's Toy Box, where we saw lizards, squirrels and bunnies, found the Cache Cop travel bug and I gotta neat Clifford toy.

Thirdly, we succumbed to the siren call of Hot Doughnuts Now, which is not surprisingly in a Krispy Kreme parking lot, and we used it as a valid excuse to get a donut each and coffee drinks. The last time we went to that KK we got free donuts, this time there were leftovers in the coffee drinks which they gave to us in seperate cups, so we basically got one a half larges for the price of one large coffee drink. If you're ever in the Topanga area, stop by this Krispy Kreme, they are the best when it comes to customer service of pretty much any fast food sort of establishment I have EVER been to. We rapped with the manager for a while as well, cool guy.

After our break/cache #3, we moved on to Pretty Penny Coin Exchange, which seems to be gone, but we left a penny in memoriam as the last person had.

Our last was Lost in the Pines, about the only one with a scant chance of being photographable for y'all, but everything was so damn brown I took a miss. Got a cool stuffed shark with Bitey Action, though.

We did get one picture, to log the travels of the Cache Cop travel bug, I uploaded it to the geocaching site so it would be easier on my server. You can see it by clicking that link. It's our first travel bug, I wanted to commemorate.


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