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Quickie update....

This post is mainly so postrophe and thudpucker can update their caching easily, but others may be interested...

First we all went to If You Like Your Mede's Runny which has been taunting me. We found it finally, thank god.

Secondly we ran to Louise Stump, an old stump of an ancient tree, sadly now gone.

Thirdly, we dropped off Cache Cop at Burbank Travel Bug Check In, which was one of Rockitz best ideas, a cache of travel bugs at the airport. I got a picture of three bugs all having a party in the trunk while we organized stuff, which will come later....

After we had some FANTASTIC dinner at Little Toni's (cheese ravioli with mushrooms in alfredo sauce!) we dropped off Thudpucker so that Postrophe could get some more caches under his belt now that he's finally got a geocaching username (da_meep).

We ran to Winnetka 21 and Hot Doughtnuts Now and he found those pretty easily. It seems there are two main places people put urban caches... These were both what I'll call Type One.

Then we ran to a Type Two, A Long White Fence, which was again pretty darn easy.

We found everything that night, a Swell Time was Had by All.

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