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If you haven't seen this yet (it's been out a couple years) you might want to remedy this. If you watch them all in order you will recognize all the characters when you get to #12, Muffinale'. But if you can't watch them all (they're mostly pretty short), watch at least Psst!, The Muffin Tree, Beware, Bluebirds in Spring and Muffinale'.

Second link...

My Little Pony icons that don't suck. For those of you interested. They are not mine.


So I called the people at the local Payless to see if my shoes were in, because the factory said they were shipped already. They said, yeah, they had a shipment, but they don't open those till nightfall so come tomorrow. So Martin goes in to get my shoes and they don't find them (my guess is they're out on sale to the rest of the world even though we've already PAID for these, but I wasn't there to check) so they give Martin a piece of paper with the number on it to call the store on Monday and see if they're in yet. This is the paper (number blocked to protect the 'innocent').

Yes, apparently I bought my shoes from Payless Shouse Owse.

Not only do these people not know how to spell shoe when they work in a shoe store, they don't even know the name of the company they're working for. (Payless Shoe House maybe??)

I am surrounded by idiots...

Speaking of which....

I think Himalayan cats must be messed up in the head. Our black cat and grey cat would have none of it, but yesterday both of the himi mixes sat and drank the MEATLESS marinara sauce for our calzones. Lilith was eventually done with the tomato sauce with veggie chunks after about 3 minutes or so, but Hunley just sat and ate and ate and ate that stuff for over 5 till we were worried if he ate much more we'd have pink puke all over the house and we took it away.

They are obviously f***** in the head.

From the Which Goddess are You quiz on, this is my highest score and the closest I think to accurate....

You scored 33.3% Persephone
If you exemplify the qualities of Persephone, you have most likely experienced great loss in your life -- the loss of your health or your emotional or physical security, the betrayal of a friend or lover, the loss of a child, your own divorce or that of your parents. This experience has forced you to face the dark, unenlightened side of yourself (the side that blames other people or circumstances for your own suffering) and transform yourself into a stronger, more independent, more accepting and more loving person. It may have also led you down a spiritual path, and moved you to place great emphasis on inner calm and on close connections with friends. You are capable of embracing, integrating and accepting difficult experiences. Because of that skill, you offer others the gift of empathy -- you know where they are or have been.

What Teen Titan are you? by animesector
Favorite Color
You are:
Created with the ORIGINAL MemeGen!

Which Annoying Two Towers Character are You?
By Lisa

Oh, I'm whiny am I? There's a newsflash!

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