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Genericrap, Part Dos

Two links, two files for you today...

Firstly, before I lose you to the longish-post-mind-blankness, I want all the girls to download this. Guys don't have to, but it's a good song anyways.

This One's For the Girls.

I wouldn't push this at you unless I REALLY liked it. The first time I heard it, it brought tears to my eyes. Even if you don't like country, listen to it once just for the lyrics (they don't work as well without the music...) Odds are most of you will find yourself in them, maybe even more than once. I think most of us need to hear some of the sentiments in this song more often. Maybe you need to hear them today?

Anyways, second file.

The following picture is one I found in hiroe_chan's gallery of AX2004 pictures. I saw the cosplay outfit and immediately thought, wow, that's DEAD on. Then I realized I had no idea who the heck she was dressed as or what from, but I still knew the outfit was right! Can someone tell me who the heck she's dressed as?

On to the links!

The first one is a page that takes a piece of text you enter (it seems to work better with less than with more) and turns it into text art. You get different results every time, because it uses a random picture from the web with it and then a random effect. It's pretty cool to play with and also good for giving us graphic geeks ideas...

Instant Text Art!

Last link I got off one of the Harry Potter communities...

HP Wizard Store

They have MANY MANY cool toys! I soooo want a real wand of my own! And some Ravenclaw swag!! I need a patch for my jacket! (Not that I've put the Zim patch on, yet...) They have all sorts of house paraphernalia, toys, potion bottles! Fun, fun, fun!

End of post. Go play with the links, listen to the song, and then comment about how cool everything is (and tell me who that girl is dressed as!)

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