Fritters (fritters) wrote,

Pimpin', pimpin', pimpin...

Well, I've done it, again. I added another LJ friend. Because, hey, 41 friends aren't enough to try and keep straight and follow, right?

I've gone and added its_art. Why? Well, first of all, some of you know I've been digging EVERYWHERE trying to find Marauder Productions fan video "Everything I Need to Know About Harry Potter..." It rocks and her site is down now, but if any of you are interested, I'll upload it here. The vid proves she has a great sense of humor.

So I went to her lj and she's a mac person! Which I love. So I went to her website and she's got pages for Fushigi Yuugi, emphasis on Chichiri (who I love), pages for the X-Men (who I love), and pages for the Monkees, which I didn't know anyone else still loved enough to maintain sites for! Plus she also makes icons, like I do!

I'm gushing, which is weird, because this is a female, and one I've never met, to boot. But I just love her interests and can't possibly imagine not wanting to stay up on things with her.

Visit her site! Especially you, nevwyn, what with all the Harry Potter and Monkees stuff!

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