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A Thoughty Post

First of all, Martin sent me an article today (there's a shock.) In it, the editorialist is responding to a statement by Robert Reich comparing the religious right to terrorists.

I thought the internet was going to unite everyone? I read the article, and in the back of my mind, all I could think about was how everyone banters around articles to their friends where intolerance is gleefully accepted. People post things on their LJ's and such where the religious right is called fascists and terrorists. Or inversely, people posting articles where liberals are called communists and nazis.

We would never say these things to our friends faces. And yet we continually post things that call each other horrible names, post things that are screamingly intolerant, and hold ourselves up as paragons because we have friends who have opposing viewpoints.

But should we?

If everyone in the world keeps reading and sharing such intolerant views and name-calling crap, do we really deserve friends with opposing viewpoints, or should they be smart and just split?

And I'm not pointing fingers, a LOT of people are doing this, and I am no omission.

But at the least anyone who posts rabble like this probably should stop considering themselves so damn tolerant.

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