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I'm posting this alone because I don't want any memes or anything distracting from this.

I FINALLY found an icon contest on LJ specifically for funny icons! I've been submitting to icon contest for two different fandoms for months now and still haven't even gotten in the top half of anything. Now this COULD be because my icons suck in comparison to others, but I'm thinking that the fact that funny icons tend to get less votes for being less moody has something to do with it as well.

So, I found this place called lol_icons and it looked perfect except for one thing. NO ONE is there or voting or participating! And I don't want this place to shut down because it fills a much needed void in lj!

I KNOW I have some icon makers who read this journal. PLEASE do me a favor and join and enter occasionally and pimp it on your own journal? PLEEEASE?? I would consider it a BIG BIG favor.

And some of you have also made icons but never really become an official "icon maker" per se. Isn't a contest with maybe two entries per contest a really safe way to get into it? No one says you have to enter every week. Once a month or even less is fine. Odds are you have some icons laying around that qualify for this weeks contest already...

So PLLEEEASSE, everyone join and pimp this community? Thanks!

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