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Raargh. Long post

Maybe the idea of not posting my icons here was a good one? It certainly saved me time...

In any case, here's a buttload more icons I've been working on, two in my scenic set, a couple Sports Night's and seven Cthulu's from the guys at Mac Hall. Props to spazzychic and thudpucker for assisting with the captioning on the Cthulu's. Templates, where used, by minttea.

If you use, credit Fritters in keywords, if you don't know how to use keywords, go to LJ FAQ #95 and they'll tell you all about it. Otherwise, have at them...

I took a test at webmd the other day, and in all honesty, I REALLY didn't throw it. But I was majorly amused at the result... A perfect 42 ^_^

Now this result is a bit worrying. How did I get that? Probably the way I got True Neutral on the rpg things... Still... worrying.

You are a Theif
Your are a theif.
You fight dirty, you don't care about anyone.
You'll hire assasins to make "jobs"
easier. You are stealthy, you are not
trustworthy. You'll switch sides if you start
losing. Money is worth more then your friends.

What type of Swordsman are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

Not only am I a thief, I'm apparently a thief that can't spell...

I wasn't too sure about this one, not sure it's really me, but on the other hand most Sag's I've known have been networkers, keeping people in touch who ordinarily wouldn't be. Me, postrophe, ...hell, look at all the people who fell out of touch when Kruse died...

The Hub
Category I - The Hub

You're a 'people person'. Networking runs in your
blood. Consequently, you can move through most
social circles with ease.

What Type of Social Entity are You?
brought to you by Quizilla

Done now. Tired of typing. bleaugh =P

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