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I was bored, there's a news bulletin, so I was wandering around online and came across Aeclectic Tarot, which I wander around every year or two. (I actually collect these, even though I don't use them anymore, I love the artwork and interpretations...) They have pretty much every tarot deck ever conceived of listed on their site, including some unpublished or joke ones, and it's always interesting to bop around for a while. These are the ones I most wanted to show around, but you should go through their categories as well. They have Bosch tarot decks, gay tarot decks, Lord of the Rings tarot decks, the infamous Hello Kitty deck, pretty much everything currently out there.

FYI, all links open in a new window so you can peek through easier...

The Ferret Tarot. Not the absolutely best artwork, but SO damned cute. I love this one. Make sure to check out The Tower.

If you like comic book art, you should definitely check out this deck.

I don't think its actually available, but wow. The Sailor Moon Tarot.

Talk about cute....The teddy bear tarot.

The miracle tarot is probably the most beautiful anime deck I've ever seen. Another that I'd love to add to my collection.

Victoria-Regina Tarot. I didn't think I'd like this one, but it's actually really interesting, with some really out there symbology.

Another one I didn't think I'd like. The alcohol tarot. The artwork is actually very good and if you read the review you'll realize they put a huge amount of effort into what most people would brush off as a joke tarot.

The discordian tarot. Just cool and bordering on silly.

One of several goddess/female power decks. Most seem hackneyed and too touchy feely, but this one has worthwhile artwork and goddesses from everywhere.

It's not available and the artwork sorta sucks, but I had to at least mention the Star Trek tarot...

I hope you actually visited some of these, most pages are very fast to load, give a quick paragraph about the deck and have about 6 images, so it's not like they're going to take forever to load... I wouldn't have put all these links if I didn't think most of y'all would be actually interested in these.

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