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I've been putting off updating. You may have noticed I don't list every little thing that goes on anymore. Too much trouble, too little return. In any case, here are the highlights I've been putting off...

Last Wednesday, I went and saw Che Zuro at the Coffee Somethingorother. As always, it was fantastic. FYI, ladypixel and kingu, she'll be playing the Monday night one week from today at a bar in Monrovia, supposedly it's free. Wanna see her? I highly recommend it...

Friday night thudpucker, postrophe and I went to French Quarter for dinner (pictures in a previous picture post, see the memories section if you care...) and I noticed something I never noticed before. The tiny shallow fountain has koi in it. Koi that you can reach in and pet if you're stealthy enough. I pet my first fishes ^_^ They're very soft, if in a slimy sort of way. And no, they didn't particularly enjoy it, but I tried to only pet the ones that didn't seem to mind it too much.

Saturday night postrophe and I went ghost hunting. The results were mixed and, as usual, inconclusive. We had no good bait with us that night, so it was to be expected. Result photos and text are here, a separate page so you don't have to load all the huge pics if you don't really care about what we found or failed to find.

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