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Sauntering Vaguely Upwards...

14 December

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I hate mini bios. Go to http://www.relaxorium.com/me.html. There's some info there.

**Avatar Mood Theme created by and courtesy of bentfire, who RAWKS!**


Only one so far. This hasn't been an issue, but hopefully this will keep it from being an issue.

RULE #1. Political discussion is encouraged, but any devolvement of such into aspersions on other people's characters will not be tolerated. You can discuss the facts of any issue you wish, but if it comes down to you intimating that someone is mentally deficient, biased (no hinting that other people are nazis, brain dead, baby killers, white supremecists, etc.) or any other method of trying to belittle the person you are replying to, you will be banned from this journal completely and your posts will be deleted.

Look! I broke down and got a WeatherGoth ....ummm

The WeatherPixie

The Teen Titans are Love.

In Soviet Russia, colorbar loves you!

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